i5000 Series
Desktop or floor standing large format production class scanners, intended for the high volume scanning environments with unlimited daily duty cycles.

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i4000 Series
Large format scanners for demanding scanning volumes with scanner requirements that support advanced capture applications.

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i3000 Series
Compact and robust large format scanners for departments or branch offices where the need is to bring capture closer to the point of customer or information transactions.
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i2900 Scanner
The Kodak i2900 Scanner helps you maximize productivity with an ingenious, built-in book-edge flatbed scanner.  Protect valuable documents, optimize image quality, and save time performing multi-step processes with the touch of a button.
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S2000 Series

The S2050/S2070 scanners are built to let anyone capture information anywhere, with superior image quality and data accuracy.  It's the perfect solution when you need to get information into your business fast.

The S2060w/S2080w scanners let your team capture the information needed to move work forward.  Individual user profiles show personalized destinations, so multiple people can share one device.

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